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Lucca R. Colombelli

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In 2020, Lucca founded Povos, a contemporary art gallery in West Town in Chicago. Read about the gallery's 2023 launch on Block Club Chicago.


Since it's conception the gallery has produced 20+ exhibitions, and organized 8 Fundraisers for local social action and education organizations.

CV 2023

Lucca Colombelli is a Brasilian-American artist currently living and working in Chicago.


Beginning with an interest in realism before becoming more heavily influenced by abstract expressionism and post-modern artists; he now seeks a balance. His current work reflects a symbiosis between form and abstract, focusing on direct experiences of nature.

Commissions are available, contact to join waitlist. 

Beyond painting-- He runs a Gallery, contributes to local arts organization Gertie.Co, organizes art programming for Cinecity Studios, and has recently joined the associate board of The Simple Good. 

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For full C.V see desktop site

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