Lucca R. Colombelli

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Lucca is a Brasilian-American artist currently living and working in Chicago. Beginning with an interest in realism before becoming more heavily influenced by abstract expressionism and post-modern artists; he now seeks a balance. His current work reflects a symbiosis between form and abstract, focusing on surreal and humorous observations, often of disaster and in various degrees of subtlety. Beyond painting, he makes a living as an art instructor in early childhood education, as well as privately teaching, curating charity events, and doing art consulting for businesses and private homes. In 2020, Lucca founded Povos, an artist-owned and artist-run art gallery, fine art contracting service, and events company in Chicago. He also manages an art space at 2000 N Milwaukee Ave.


I am now doing exclusively online critique, lessons, and tutoring Contact me for more information and scheduling.

Commissioned Work

I am currently taking commissioned jobs: This includes any sort of work. Commissions can be done with any media. I pride myself on reliability in service, and quality and originality in the carefully curated work that comes out of the commission. I work with time-tested and archival materials to make pieces that last. Commission references available upon request.

Curriculum Vitae


2017-                                                       BFA Emphasis in studio (candidate) SAIC

                                                                                 (leave of absence)


2019                                  Group show, Bucktown Variety Show, Private Venue, Chicago, IL

2019                                  Group show, Compost Casket, Elephant Ear Gallery, Chicago, IL

2019                                         Solo Show, Bar Portraits, Gallery Cabaret, Chicago, IL

2019                                Two Person Exhibition, T.O.A.D Reborn, Caffe Umbria, Chicago IL

2018                          Two Person exhibition, Blue Island Art Show, Silva/Stein, Chicago, IL

2017                     Permanent Display, Untitled collection, Egrari Surgery center, Seattle, WA


2020                         Custom Abstract Painting, Oil on hemp, 64" x 38", Private, Chicago, IL

2020                              Portrait of Ikenna, Oil on panel, 16” x 24", Private, Boulder, CO

2020                         Parents double portrait, Oil on panel, 24” x 18", Private, Chicago, IL

2020                    Samoyed Portrait for Marce, Oil on panel, 11” x 14”, Private, Guayaquil, EC

2020                            Dog Portrait, Oil on cradled panel, 24” x 24” , Private, Chicago IL

2020                             Tobacco Farm Memory, Oil on panel, 24” x 18” , Private, Chicago IL

2019                                       Sterling , Oil on panel, 11” x 14” , Private, Chicago IL

2019                                Portrait of Elijah, Oil on panel, 24” oval, Private, Chicago IL

2019                                     Portrait of Ty, Oil on panel, 12”x 16” Private, Chicago IL

2019                                 In the Kitchen, Oil on panel, 24”x 18” Private, Los Angeles CA

2019                                  Portrait of Liz, Oil on panel, 12” x 16”, Private, Chicago IL

2019                                 Portrait of Joe, Oil on panel, 11” x 14”,  Private, Chicago IL

2019                                Portrait of Scott, Oil on Panel, 11” x 14”, Private, Chicago IL

2019     Woman Watches Man Reflect on Looking for God,Oil on linen, 112” x 56”, Private, Chicago IL

2019                   Translucent Chicago Cityscape, Oil on Canvas, 72” x 30”, Private, Chicago IL

2019                               Honeymoon portrait, Oil on Linen, 24” x 36”, Private, Chicago IL

2019        Modern House Objects (9 paintings), acrylic and oil, Varying sizes, Private, Seattle WA

2017                  Song of First Lights, acrylic and oil on canvas 72”x 36”, Private, Chicago IL

2016, 2017            Untitled Public Collection (20 Paintings) Mixed media, Egrari NIC, Seattle WA


Teaching Experience

2019-Present                                             After school Atelierista, SIEF, Chicago IL

2018-Present                             Private Art Teacher, Lucca Rader art and Design Chicago IL

2017                           After school Volunteer Art teacher, Northgate Elementary, Seattle WA


Curatorial Credits

2019                        Curator and Producer,  Bucktown Variety Show, private venue, Chicago IL

2019                                           Curator, Bar Portraits, Gallery Cabaret, Chicago, IL

2019                                              Curator, T.O.A.D Reborn, Caffe Umbria, Chicago IL

2019                          Curator Nathalie Gribinski Solo Show, Palette and Chisel, Chicago, IL

2018                                     Co-Curator, Blue Island Art Show, Silva/Stein, Chicago, IL